New journal paper

Another paper this year, published in Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling (IF 6.162) entitled Sequential Properties Representation Scheme for Recurrent Neural Network-Based Prediction of Therapeutic Peptides. Great work and effort by Erik and others in showing that representation schemes metter!


New journal paper

We are proud to announce a new paper entitled Coupled encoding methods for antimicrobial peptide prediction: How sensitive is a highly accurate model? published in Artificial Intelligence in the Life Sciences open access journal.

New paper

Congrats to Erik and Goran for publishing their results on using transfer learning in Knowledge-Based Systems (IF 8.038) in collaboration with Ivan Štajduhar. If you are interested in reading the paper you can find it here.

New paper in Chemical Science

In this paper, published in Chemical Science (IF 9.825), Ana Pina and colleagues discuss the discovery of phosphotyrosine-binding oligopeptides with supramolecular target selectivity through biopanning strategy.Graphical abstract: Discovery of phosphotyrosine-binding oligopeptides with supramolecular target selectivity

This work is a collaboration of the Rein Ulijn Group from the Advanced Science Research Center, GC/CUNY and Cecilia Roque laboratory at the NOVA School of Science and Technology, Lisbon. I am happy that I could participate in this great research as part of the Ulijn lab crew during my post-doc in New York.