Meet the team

We are a group of young, creative and passionate scientists that work in an interdisciplinary team to study peptides, peptide assemblies and their potential new functions. We are applying machine learning and genetic algorithms to help the design of peptide based catalysts.


Group leader

Education: Pharmaceutical sciences (Univ. of Trieste, Italy)

PhD: Enzyme responsive materials (Univ. of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK)

Hobby: Traveling

Favorite molecule: Caffeine

Goran Mausa

Education: Electrical engineering, automation (Univ. of Rijeka, Croatia)

PhD: Computer science, software engineering (Univ. of Zagreb, Croatia)

Hobby: Scuba diving 

Favorite algorithm: NSGA-II 

Ana Pina


Education: Applied Chemistry, Biotechnology (NOVA Univ. of Lisbon)

PhD: Biotechnology (NOVA Univ. of Lisbon)

Hobby:  Travel and cookie design

Favorite molecule:  Proline

Marko Percic


Education:  Mechanical engineering (Univ. of Rijeka, Croatia)

PhD: Nanotribology, Atomic Force Microscopy (Univ. of Rijeka, Croatia)

Hobby: Electric guitar and RC airplanes

Favorite algorithm: Greedy

PhD Students
Patrizia Jankovic

Education:  Drug Research and Development (Univ. of Rijeka, Croatia)

My PhD topic

Hobby: Beach volleyball and Traveling

Favorite molecule: Serotonin

Erik Otović

Education:  Computer science (Univ. of Rijeka, Croatia)

  My PhD topic

Hobby: Fortifications exploration

Favorite algorithm: Graham scan

Marko Njirjak

Education:  Computer science (Univ. of Rijeka, Croatia)

  My PhD topic

Hobby: Motorcycle rides

Favorite algorithm: Miracle sort




Dino Ilic


Ivan Erjavac


Marko Babić